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Since the first vintage in 2002, J Jacaman Wines has produced premium Russian River Valley Pinot Noirs with a quality vs. quantity philosophy. Maintaining a steadfast commitment to the noble Pinot Noir grape rather than succumbing to the temptation to produce multiple mediocre varieties has been rewarded. Quarterly Review of Wines Magazine recognized four consecutive vintages of J Jacaman Pinot Noirs as “California’s Best of the Best Pinot Noirs”, and Wine Enthusiast described the inaugural vintage as “...lip-smackingly good!”. Over time, the repertoire grew to include single-vineyard Pinots from the Toulouse Vineyard in Anderson Valley (Mendocino County) and the Manchester Ridge Vineyard also in Mendocino County. In spite of its allegiance to Pinot Noir, J Jacaman eventually ventured from Sonoma across the Macaymas mountain range and produced a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon due to popular demand. Hence, the J Jacaman “Silver” label was introduced. “Silver” was romantically inspired, and the label itself was designed by its namesake, John Jacaman. John believes that every day should be like Valentine’s Day and wanted to produce a high-quality wine that anyone on any budget could drink any day.

Good to Know

Although production of every vintage is contained to less than 12,000 bottles, J Jacaman Wines has sights set on global exposure. Export is a fundamental part of our sales strategy, hence 100% of our stock is located in the United Kingdom. Regardless of exclusivity, J Jacaman Wines has resolved to offer its handcrafted wines competitively priced so as to enable as many wine novices and aficionados alike the chance to taste its different representations of Pinot Noir.

“Wine is a professor of taste; it is a liberator of the spirit and illuminator of intelligence.”

     —Paul Claudel

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